At Abbie Education we are working towards implementing the four CORE elements of the IBCP (International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme) and providing support to authorised IBCP schools. The CORE elements, which include Service Learning (SL), Language Development (LD), Personal Professional Skills (PPS), and The Reflective Project (RP), are crucial components of the program. By offering hand-holding and guided assistance to schools, Abbie Education aims to help them understand the importance and delivery of these CORE elements. Additionally, we aim to develop an innovative portfolio for students to submit to universities, thereby enhancing their chances of admission. This initiative can indeed contribute to the retention of trained faculty members, ensuring the continuity of the program.

Moreover, this module will form the foundation for the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in Indian institutes. The NEP 2020 emphasises holistic development and aims to provide a comprehensive education framework. By aligning with the NEP, our efforts can contribute to the implementation of its objectives in Indian schools. Overall, the vision to support IBCP schools and aligning with the NEP 2020 is in the Pedagogy of Abbie Education . Abbie Education demonstrates the commitment to providing students with a well- rounded education and preparing them for their future endeavours

Deliverables that will be made available.

1.           The RP deliverable available in both the Options - Essay and additional format to be submitted to the IB for moderation. Additional format is an innovative way of presenting the ethical dilemma for the RP.

2.           To provide with all the CORE elements portfolio - SL,LD,PPS

3.           To provide PPS portfolio along with the Rubrics is opted for Module 2

4.           To provide formal certificates for completion CORE elements. Example completion of A 1 from “Language Fluent