Abbie Education aims to complement the guidance provided by the International Baccalaureate (IB) during the school's journey from candidacy to authorization. The goal is to adopt the school and provide comprehensive support throughout the process, ensuring that the program can be deployed within a specific timeframe and without losing any academic year.By working closely with the school for a year, Abbie Eductaion, with its qualified and expert contributors,   will   assist   in   all   aspects   of   the   program's   lifecycle,   from authorization to stability and sustainability. This includes providing support with the necessary documentation and submissions, such as the Application for Programme Authorization (APA) and its different units.

Additionally, Abbie Education plans to facilitate functional exchange programs with schools in the UK, France, and Dubai to foster international mindedness among students. This exposure to different educational environments will contribute to the holistic development of the students.In terms of program sustainability, Abbie Education will assist in marketing the program and ensuring a minimum number of admissions to secure its viability. This includes developing strategies for marketing and establishing a strong social media presence to attract prospective students and their families.

The benefits and deliverables of this comprehensive support include:

1.           Timely Launch of the Program: By providing guidance and assistance throughout the authorization process, your institute ensures that the program can be launched within the desired timeframe, allowing the school to start offering the IB Career-related Programme without delay.


2.           Program Budget and Student Fees: Abbie Eductaion will help the school develop a program budget and determine appropriate student fees to support the financial sustainability of the program. This ensures that the necessary resources are available to maintain the program's quality.


3.           Marketing and Social Media Presence: Your institute will assist in designing effective marketing strategies and establishing a strong social media presence to promote the program. This will help generate awareness and attract prospective students and their families.


4.           Program Sustainability: Abbie Education's support extends beyond authorization, focusing on the stability and sustainability of the program. With trained and experienced faculty, ongoing guidance and support can be provided, ensuring the program's success in the long term.


Overall, Abbie Eductaion aims to be a reliable partner for schools pursuing authorization for the IB Career-related Programme. By providing comprehensive support, including assistance with documentation, marketing strategies, and program sustainability, you help schools navigate the journey with confidence and ensure a successful implementation of the program.